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Coming 2021

A weekend escape from the city that follows the Silver Comet Trail to an historic 100-year-old family farm.

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Riders on the Silver Comet Trail

Courtesy of Comet Trail Cycles

Beautiful route

Maximum of 35 miles a day, or about 70 miles roundtrip.


Private camping experience at a beautiful farm.

Local food & partners

Including a seasonal farm-to-fork meal, yoga, live music and more.

Ride support

Gear transport, ride leaders & mechanics and turn-by-turn directions.


We provide a packing list, training tips, and other pre-ride resources.

Flexible payments

Flexible payment plans to pay over time


  • An amazing journey

    At our Bikeout Festival: Atlanta, riders can look forward to a scenic route along one of Georgia's longest rail trails, the Silver Comet. The protected bike path will take us through mountain tunnels and across beautiful streams, with plenty of picturesque views in Atlanta's surrounding region. Finally, we'll arrive at Carlton Farms, a historic family operation that is home to sprawling pastures.

    A campout celebration

    After we arrive, we'll set up our campsites and spend the night enjoying the company of fellow riders and the biking community. We'll serve a delicious farm-to-fork meal to help you recharge, along with local brews, live music and a campfire to round out the evening. Finally, we'll sleep under the stars.

Relax and learn

At the farm you can enjoy a tour, learn new skills during a workshop and enjoy a sunrise yoga class before we start the ride home the next day.

Eat & drink local

Enjoy a flavorful meal prepared by a chef using ingredients from Carlton Farms and other local purveyors. We'll also highlight the local brewers in the area with beer, non alcoholic options, and morning coffee from nearby partners.

This is a digital trip guide for someone interested in exploring a curated Bikeout experience as a self-guided trip on their own. Our Guide provides you with a map of points of interest, turn-by-turn directions, accommodation recommendations, a sample itinerary, exclusive partner discounts and other resources so that you'll spend less time planning and more time focusing on having a great time on your bike!




This ride starts at Comet Trail Cycles in Mableton and follows the Silver Comet Trail through Rockmart and to Carlton Farms. There will be two rest stops for snacks and lunch. We'll return using the same route the following day.

This two-day weekend ride is 68 miles round trip or 34 miles each day. The terrain is predominantly flat with a few moderate hills. About 30 miles of the route will be on protected paved trails, with about 4 miles on roadways with car traffic. For the road riding portion, Bikeout works with local officials to select the safest route possible.

At Bikeout, riders should feel comfortable on their bikes for up to 3-4 hours at a time. We recommend checking out our training tips and always consulting a doctor to make sure you are in good health before starting any new training regimen.

Finally, this ride is supported by experienced group leads and mechanics navigating small riding groups of 10-15 riders, as well as a support vehicle should a bicycle or rider become unable to complete the ride. Just in case, riders will have access to important Bikeout contacts as well as turn by turn directions in the event app.


*Please note that we plan to offer the opportunity for riders to utilize a bike valet and public transportation to the start of the ride in Mableton, GA for an additional fee. This is ideal for riders who may not have access to a car, but would still like to attend. More details will be available before tickets go on sale, but riders that choose this option should be prepared to start their day at Marietta Station earlier than 8 am.*

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM: CHECK-IN

Meet at Comet Trail Cycles in Mableton and sign-in at the Bikeout check-in table, where you’ll be directed to your riding group and to the bag stowage area.


After finding your riding group, group leads will deliver some important pre-ride announcements and we'll kick off our ride in staggered groups.

9:45 AM – 2:00 PM: RIDE

With about a third of the way through the ride, and another stop about two thirds of the way for a lunch break.


Set up your tent and relax while enjoying some great programming around the farm.


Meet other riders while enjoying local brews.


Enjoy an incredible dinner prepared by local chefs, using local ingredients sourced from Carlton Farms.


Head back to your camp site to grab a full night’s rest.



Enjoy sunrise yoga taught by a local instructor.


Enjoy a farm fresh breakfast and coffee before packing up your tent and stowing your bags.


We'll kick off our ride back, making sure to take breaks for rest and lunch.


Grab your stowed bags and head home after a great weekend of bike camping.

What's included

What this digital guide includes

Bag transport
Private camping on the farm
Live music
Group leads & mechanics
Farm-to-fork dinner (Saturday)
Sunrise yoga
EMT & support vehicle
Two drink tickets
Breakfast & coffee (Sunday)
Training tips & packing list
Welcome snack
Bikeout embroidered patch
Event app with turn by turn navigation
Exclusive rider content and partner discounts
Programming including farm tours, stargazing, workshops, and more
A bike and helmet
Lunch and additional snacks (both days)
Camping gear for Hawk Meadow Farm

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Common questions

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Common questions

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"I wasn’t prepared for the ride to be so dramatically different from my daily urban commute, biking alongside beautiful fields and rivers."

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