Bikeout Access Grants

Bikeout's mission is to provide more riders with bike travel experiences, and one of our primary goals is to help limit barriers to entry that may prevent people from trying long-distance bike travel. 

Those barriers are broad and many but we are committed to supporting new riders with our Access Grants. We will award five Access Grants for each of our Festival rides, prioritizing individuals that are typically under-represented in bicycling or outdoor communities. This includes people of color, people of transgender and non-binary gender identity, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals with long-lasting or chronic illnesses, and others who feel they are under-represented.

Each Access Grant will include a free Bikeout ticket to a Festival ride and in select cities will also include the option for free bicycle rental and camping gear rental. Grant applications are reviewed by a team of past grant recipients, the Bikeout team, and representatives from organizations that support our grant program. Gear rentals are provided by our gracious community partners.

UPDATED JULY 14TH, 2020: Bikeout is indefinitely postponing all planned 2020 large group Festival events in response to the global COVID-19 health crisis. Because of this we are temporarily suspending our Access Grants. Please contact us with any questions at


"The Bikeout scholarship made it possible for me to engage in a whole new set of experiences that I didn't think were available to a casual bike commuter, such as myself. If I thought I loved biking before, this took it up about 5 notches. Can't wait for the next Bikeout!"


"This experience literally changed my life and that is not an overstatement! I enjoyed Bikeout so much that I can't stop pedaling now. I look forward to staying engaged with the bike community and to participating in more long bike rides."



Access Grants are supported by:

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We encourage anyone to apply for a Bikeout Access Grant, though we'll be prioritizing awards for people typically under-represented in bicycling or outdoor communities, as defined above. With a rolling application process, the deadline to apply is 60 days before the start of each of our Festival rides and recipients will be notified 45 days before the start of the ride. If you need assistance filling out this application, please email

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